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Have You Seen Doctor Randy Davis on Rx Laughter’s Comedy Clips Page?

Have you had a chance to laugh today? If so, you have already done something good for your health. Doctor Randy Davis worked with the website to develop a film on how humor can help people destress. He also tells a funny story about his dog, Bianca, and shares a joke in Spanish that he often tells his Hispanic patients to help them relax as they learn more about their surgical options. Since 1983, Doctor Randy Davis has been an orthopedic surgeon for the Baltimore Washington Medical Center in Glen Burnie, Maryland. was founded in 1998 by Sherry Hilber, an experienced network television programming executive. In the beginning, Rx Laughter was primarily involved with laughter research at the UCLA Jonsson Cancer Center where researchers studied how laughter could help children cope with anxiety and pain after a medical procedure. Today, Rx Laughter has expanded into various therapeutic programs designed to help those with physical and emotional issues through comedy. Rx Laughter depends on volunteers like Doctor Randy Davis to participate in these programs and create awareness about the importance of laughter.

You can find Doctor Davis’s video message here. His video is part of the comedy clips outreach program that features personal video messages from medical professionals about how humor helps everyone, but especially those who are suffering from physical and mental pain. The program distributes these videos to patients in hospitals, mental health facilities, and more. The Facebook page also shares funny videos from television, movies, and documentaries to get a chuckle from people who follow the page.

If you are currently feeling any physical or emotional pain or you just want to help others in need, you should check out RX Laughter’s page today to learn more about its programs and how to support them.

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